Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hamza Saleem

This article appeared in the 60th Jubilee celebrations of the Kinross Swimming & life saving Club souvenir of 2002.

Kinross Swimming and Life Saving Club – Special People.
1955 Two Mile Swim

“Your scribe believes that the unsung hero of this event was the ever loyal, never says die swim of HAMZA SALEEM. He was stricken by sunstroke and despite the pleas of the crew of the rescue crew to climb aboard he refused to give up -his mission was to complete the swim.

Hamza kept on swimming around and around the Mount Lavania rock, confused, blinded and thinking he was swimming to the finishing line at Mount Lavania Hotel.Guided by the escort canoe Hamza swam ashore completely exhausted to the tumultuous cheers of the crowd.

His performance that day was of raw courage, endurance and typifying the never say die of the SPIRIT OF KINROSS.

Hamza my good friend wherever you are, your swim of that day was that of a true KINROSS CHAMPION and all members of the Club were so proud of you.
We believe it was family pressure that made Hamza give up swimming .He took up to wrestling as a sport became a champion wrestler, following this discipline with courage and determination.

The scribe of the Club-Allister Bartholomeusz, was Hamza’s neighbor and boyhood friend, wrote this article. From the happy community of Mary’s Road Bambalapitiya.

Hamza presently (May 2006) lives with his dear wife and family at Ratmalana in Sri Lanka.


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