Sunday, December 30, 2007


Greetings from Allister & Helen in, Melbourne, Victoria, OZ!

A simple, small, yet, sincere attempt to capture and record the wonderful memories of events, people, places and time during our young days in Colombo when I lived down Mary's Road, at Bambalapitiya.

Many are the people who we mingled with, had fun, cried and laughed, during those wonderful old times that will always linger in our hearts and minds forever.

The numerous characterrs who crossed our paths, in good times and difficult ones, the many places we haunted, away from the prying eyes of parents and elders, and the many magical mysteries we encountered will be portrayed within this blog.

Stories, anecdotes, events, people and places, related to these times and places will be featured on this blog on an on-going basis. Contributions from neighbors friends and relatives are warmly welcome. Please send mail to


F's Place - A trip into the many wondroues people and places of Colombo

Lanka Personalities - The wonderful people of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Genealogy

Royal People - The people behind Royal College, Colombo


Wesley College Official Website
Wesley College OBU of Australia
Wesley College OBU of UK
Wesley College OBU of USA
John Wesley
Rev Daniel Henry Pereira
Rev Henry Highfield
College Prefects
Vernon Achilles
Double Blue Bulletin
Old Wesleyites in OZ
The Band of Double Blue [Dr Nihal Amarasekera]


Blogger RC59Group said...

Congrats! Allie & Helen on your wonderful blog. Good Luck and lets hope to see lots of fantastic stories from your days back in Sri Lanka

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Allister Bartholomeusz,

How are you loku Aiya ? Great to see a blog designed by you. I still remember the great times I had with Wesley OBU Australia when you were a committee member. Also interesting chats I had with Helen & you. Best wishes to both of you!!

Warm Regards

2:21 AM  

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